Item Date  Mileage Comments
Rear Shocks Jun-98
Radiator/hoses May-98
Timing Chain             102,000
Oil Pan Gasket Jun-98
Front Seal Aug-99
Starter Sep-99
Front Shocks May-00
Water Pump, hoses, thermostat Jul-00
Fuel Injectors Aug-00
Engine Oil 6/4/2005             197,292 Mobil 1 5w-40 Truck & SUV Synthetic, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Both fuel filters
Rear Diff Fluid 6/6/2005             197,555 Replaced Rear diff Fluid with 85w-140 synthetic
Front Wheel Bearings, Tranny Fluid 6/8/2005             197,697 Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF
Tires 6/15/2005             198,594 Goodyear Assurance TripleTred
Oil Cooler Hose 6/21/2005             198,791 Replaced lower oil cooler hose
Adjusted Valves 7/9/2005             199,687 Adjusted valves, lubricated throttle linkage
Engine Oil 7/15/2005             200,134 Mobil 1 5w-40 Truck & SUV Synthetic, Oil Filter
Front Brakes 7/23/2005             200,662 Replaced Front Brake Pads & Rotors, new brake wear sensors, new wheel seals.
Front End Alignmnet 8/13/2005             202,849 Front End Alignment
Maintenance 8/20/2005             203,329 Changed oil & filter, replaced both fuel filters, replaced belts & hoses, new glow plugs, refilled with MB anti-freeze
Adjusted Valves 9/16/2005             205,145 Adjusted valves, lubricated throttle linkage, powder-coated Valve Cover
Changed Oil 10/21/2005             207,078 Changed Oil (Mobil 1 5w-40 Truck & SUV), replaced filter. Lubricated throttle linkages
Rotated Tires 10/28/2005             207,163 Rotated Tires
Rear Differntial 2/11/2006             209,092 Changed diff from 3.07:1 to 2.47:1 from 1984 380SE.  Replaced rear flex discs, replaced speedometer with unit from 1984 380SE.  Mileage on old speedo was 209,092; mileage on new speedo is 228,465 for a difference of 19,373
Brakes 3/10/2006             228,520 Replaced all 4 rotors, calipers, pads, and hoses.  Flushed brake lines and regreased front wheel bearings.
Maintenance 3/25/2006             228,782 Replaced motor mounts, exhasut downpipe,transmission filter, power steering filter, flushed PS fluid, primary fule filter and hoses, motor oil (Mobil 1 5w-40) and filter
Air Filter 4/2/2006             229,318 Replaced Air Filter (Fram)
Injectors 4/14/2006             230,200 Replaced Injectors with a set rebuilt by Midwest Fuel Injection Service, replaced Steering Damper
Oil Cooler Hose 4/22/2005             230,590 Replaced Upper oil cooler hose
Oil Change 5/18/2006             231,967 Hengst Oil Filter, Rotella 5w-40 synthetic
Fuel Filters, Adjust valves 5/27/2006             232,515 Replaced both fuel filters; adjusted valves
Tires 6/4/2006             233,036 New 15" 8-spoke rims and TripleTred tires
Rear Diff Fluid 6/10/2006             233,497 Replaced rear diff fluid 
Oil Change 6/29/2006             234,907 Fram oil filter, Rotella 5w-40 synthetic
Rotated Tires 8/6/2006             236,776 Rotated Tires
Oil Change 9/4/2006             238,223 Fram oil filter, Rotella 5w-40 synthetic