2004 Lexus LS430 Custom Luxury Seat Rebuild

2004 LS430 Seat Disassembly

Replacing the foam pad in a 2004 LS430 Custom Luxury


Here's the starting point.  The seat gets pretty uncomfortable after 30 minutes of driving - it feels like sitting on concrete.

Pop off the cover that hides the seat belt mounting hole.  To remove, pull up.

Move the seat all the way up and all the way forward.  This will expose the rear mounting bolts.  You have to pop off the bolt cover then remove both bolts.

Now slide the seat all the way back to expose two front mounting bolts.  Remove the bolt covers and the bolts.

The seat is now free.  Tilt it back to undo the wiring connectors.

I removed the seat from the car by tilting the top of the seat towards the center of the car and sliding the base of the seat outwards.

Put the seat on a sturdy work surface.  

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We have to disassemble the seat so we can remove the seat bottom.  Start by undoing the three screws that hold the front trim piece on.

Remove the side trim piece by removing the 4 screws that hold it in.  Two are underneath the fore/aft seat adjust switch (simply pull up on the buttons to remove).  One screw is where the seatbelt attached.  One screw is visible from the bottome of the seat.

There are 4 bolts that hold the bottom pan to the seat frame.  The front two bolts are easy to remove.

Once the two front bolts are removed, the seat bottom will swivel enough for you to remove the two screws that hold the air duct to the seat bottom.  My car has the climate seats and they blow hot or cold air through the seats.  If you don't have the climate seats and only have the heated seats you might be able to skip this step.

The two bolts that hold the rear edge of the seat pan are more difficult to get to.  First, remove these two allen-head screws on the front edge of the seat.  There are a set of two on each side.  This will allow you to slide the seat bottom fore-and-aft on the track.

With the fore-aft seat adjusters unbolted from the frame, you can move the seat base back and forth to align the rear bolts with the hole in the frame.  Remove the rear bolts from either side.

Take the seat bottom to a comfortable work place.  It's time to remove the leather cover from the seat base.

Start by prying the bottom edge of the seat cover out of the frame.  This is pretty intuitive and it comes out easily.

After the edge is out of the groove all the way around the seat bottom, start pulling up on the leather at the front edge of the seat.  You'll notice that the leather appears to be "stuck" to the foam.  The leather has a fabric strip sewn to it, and metal hog rings are used to attach the seat cover to metal rods that are molded in the foam.  Use a pair of diagonal cutters to cut the hog rings.  There are about 25 hog rings on the seat bottom you will have to cut.

After all the hog rings are removed, you can seperate the leather, seat foam, and seat pan.