1972 Mercedes Benz 250C Before & After

Before picture of right-rear quarter panel.  Rust had perforated the exterior sheet metal and you can see
the bundle of electrical wires in the largest hole.


Same area, different view.


Dec 13 2007.  Old metal has been cut away and the replacement panel is lined up.  This panel was welded
in and a skim coat of Bondo was applied over the top.


Finished product. 


Same area, different view.


This rust is typical of what I found on both rocker panels.  This is the driver's side which was the worst. 
I ended up replacing parts of the floor behind here too.


This is a view of the same rocker minus the fender.


Here is the new driver's side rocker tacked into place.


This is a typical view of how the car looked most of the winter. 


Finished product.



Engine bay before.  Note the custom battery hold-down.


Engine bay after.  Notice the Seltec AC compressor and the aluminum condenser.


Finished Product.